Praise for Cagin of Chrysaint


“I admired the fact that you were clearly shooting for the moon by doing a period piece in the South! Very impressed! I also understand the limitations of the DIY film making school. I was very interested and impressed by what you’ve done.”

- E. K. Meyers, Filmmaker


“ It is Better than TWILIGHT…  I watched the DVD it as soon as I opened it. Loved it!  #1 Fan!”

 - Gulf Wars XXX Medieval Movie Night Enthusiast, A. Warren, Blogger

 “I thought I would let you know how much Faith and I enjoyed CAGIN OF CHRYSAINT! It was awesome! You did so much with so little! I was very impressed with Carrie Leigh Harris. She was brilliant. I do feel she could make the transition easily to Hollywood! I am no movie critic but this has a lot of substance.”  

C. Stanley, Fan & Blogger


“The movie was great!  Thanks for such a great night.  The boys had a blast. You did an awesome job, and we really enjoyed the film.” 

- L. O’Mary, Fan & Blogger 


See the Promotional Blog by Golden Boy Films:

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