The People

Dana Elise  |  Director

Dana Elise is the independent filmmaker, cinematographer, costumier, editor and colorist of

“Cagin of Chrysaint”.

 Dana Elise Smith was raised in Hattiesburg, MS. She graduated with Highest Honors from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2005 with a Mass Communication degree emphasizing in Film and a minor in Theatre. While in film school she was awarded The Film School Foundation Scholarship after exhibiting excellence her junior year curriculum which included writing her first screenplay, “Cagin of Chrysaint.” The next year she was awarded the Outstanding Senior in Film award because of her senior thesis film, “The Fallen Queen” in 2004. The short continued the story of “Cagin of Chrysaint” and was screened at the USM Film Festival and Ocean Springs Film Festival.

After film school, Dana completed writing, directing, and producing several projects. She considers “Cagin of Chrysaint” her first “real” film.  Dana is also an aspiring costume designer and seamstress.  She produced over 400 peices (not complete costumes) for the film.

“Cagin of Chrysaint” premiered at the Petal Civic Center in Petal, MS on June 26, 2010. Shortly after the premier, Dana vacationed and toured Ireland and its historic sites that inspired the film.  Dana is a proud member of the Clan Mcphearson Association because her ancestry has strong ties to Scotland and the Macpherson family.


Carrie Leigh Harris  |  Cagin Liadin

Acting….more than a hobby or a job….it’s a source of her happiness. Ever since she was very young, she enjoyed performing and being in the spotlight. She began her acting, performing, and singing at the age of 8. A small role, but that is all it took for that internal yearning for a performance career to set in deep. She continued throughout life, enjoying anything to do with the arts. She painted-serving as her High School  Art club’s president and vice president; sang- touring with a praise band at age 17; performed with her High School and Jones County Junior College bands as a flag and rifle twirler; performed in show choir, and many other things that would expose her to the world of arts and performance. There did come a time in her life where she was unable to pursue acting, but pacified her artistic and creative wishes with painting , singing, and anytime she had a chance to perform, no matter how small the role, she took it. It quenched he desire, but never completely fulfilled her wishes to perform. Then at the age of 20 she began to tap into that desire once again. She began performing with The Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera. She appeared in “The Sound of Music”, “Grease”, “Nunsensations” as Sister Amnesia, and “High School Musical” as Kelsi. She also began dabbling in movies as a production assistant and extra in “The Legend of Zelda” by Scotty Whitehurst. She then was approached to do a role for “Cagin of Chrysaint”, unaware that it was the lead, and that it would be one of the most enjoyable, and fulfilling experiences of her life. She is currently signed with MAC Entertainment in Las Vegas, NV. She currently resides in Mobile, AL with her husband Aaron Hutchinson, Chihuahua Valentino, and son, Jonn Michael.


Brian Wesley Sellers  |  D’arc Attan

Bryan Wesley Sellers was born February 6, 1982 in Collins, MS the third of three children to Linda (d) and Haskel Sellers.  He received his Associates in Liberal Arts from Jones County Junior College where he worked as a staff writer and cartoonist for the Radionian, the college paper.  Bryan later served for the United States Army as an infantry man and finally received his Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Southern Mississippi, with a major in Sociology and minor in Psychology.  Bryan worked previously as the lead actor in “The Key Keeper” and received a small writing credit on the short film. Sellers completed the script for Scotty Whitehurst’s production, “G.I. Joe Deception” as well as plays a supporting role as the famous, G.I. Joe “Duke.”  Currently, Bryan works as the Director of Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Region 8 of Simpson County and resides in Mount Olive, Mississippi. He has two daughters; Brynn, 4 and Brooke, 2.


Scotty Whitehurst  |  Petra/Bard

Scotty Whitehurst has been a good friend of Dana since 2001 and is the co-founder of DANAELISEFILMS.  Scotty is a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honors Society.  He studied acting at the University of Southern Mississippi where he graduated with honors.  Scotty has been acting since 2001 and professionally since 2004.  Scotty acted alongside Jim Carrey in the movie, “I Love You Phillip Morris”, with actor Ed Helms in “Jeff Who Lives At Home” and has also worked in television and in commercials.  He has been in TV movies such as “Pizza My Heart” and “Campus Confidential” for ABC Family; “Now You See It” for the Disney Channel; and “For One Night” for Lifetime.  Scotty has also tried his hand at film directing and writing, following in “Dana’s footsteps”, he says.  His feature film, “The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Prophecy” has received outstanding reviews from the public and online community, from America, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.  The film is viewable online at

Scotty is currently wrapping up post production on  “G.I. Joe: Deception”.


Ben West  |  Sound and Score Editor

Ben West is a singer/songwriter/producer/recording engineer from Laurel, MS. He’s been singing since he was about seven years old. He’s performed in many venues with various groups ranging from duets with his sister in church and at weddings to singing the Star Spangled Banner in front of 15,000 people at a Middle Tennessee State University football game. He’s been writing songs and musical pieces since the twelfth grade. He’s owned his own recording studio for about six years, and has enjoyed the recording process for almost 20 years. Although Ben has vast experience in all of these areas, “Cagin of Chrysaint” is his first film. He has been tremendously pleased with his experiences as the producer and engineer, as well as one of the performers, on “Days of Enchantment,” the theme from Cagin, and as the engineer and co-producer of the score. The most enjoyable part of his experience, he says, as well as the most stressful, has been the sound replacement. All sound was replaced in the studio in about 99% of the film, and this was a huge job, but a rewarding one. Ben is looking forward to working in film audio again in the future.


Petch Lucas | Composer

Petch Lucas recently appeared in the independent film “The Legend of Zelda: The Triforce Prophecy”, playing Renado, Link’s uncle and the voice of the Triforce of Power. A member of Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera’s Board of Director’s, he has been active on the Saenger stage for the past seven years. A Hattiesburg, Mississippi native and USM Honors Graduate, he is also co-founder and webmaster of the popular movie website since 1998. Petch is especially proud of the musical score for “Cagin of Chrysaint,” his first experience scoring a feature film. In his spare time, he plays keyboards and sings with his local band Sons of Beaches.


Wesley C. O’Mary | Special Effects Editor/Colorist

Wesley C. O’Mary volunteers in the light/sound department at his church. He LOVES every aspect of the film making process! He works in front of the camera, behind the camera, and anywhere else on a film set they will let him.

As an actor, he travels to New York and Louisiana to play many of his roles. He has worked with a number of NYU graduates; as well as NYFA and Sarah Lawrence College students while studying in New York for over seven months.

Some of Wesley’s film work includes: Glory Road, Snatched, Brothers Keeper, Big Momma’s House 2, and Bohemibot. He has also worked on numerous independent films. Another joy has been working on stage in theatre for USM, JORT, and HCLO.

Wesley is working toward an education in film directing and is currently learning and working in film editing, including special effects.