The Story

“She may not need a husband, but Chrysaint needs a king.”- Elisha.

The story takes place in a small tribal village or “tuath” named “Chrysaint” based on the early Christian era in medieval Ireland.

The initial story begins as Cagin and D’arc are young adults and close friends. Through a symbolic gesture, Cagin reveals romantic feelings for D’arc.  Once D’arc realizes the significance of the act, he withdraws, as his heart is unprepared to enter into a union with her.  Instead he gives her an amulet to put her mind at ease and reassure her of their friendship The exchange was witnessed by an on looking soldier who recognized it as a Garlach custom which elicited a forbidden attachment. It is because of this that D’arc presumably meets his end.

As Cagin continues to mourn after the passage of a year, villagers witness the arrival of a “prophet.” His name is Elisha, and he was raised as a druid, a medicine man and a man of nature.

Elisha meets Cagin and a friendship immediately begins to blossom between them.

Meanwhile Cagneon, Chieftain of the village, falls ill and dies. Select villagers meet to elect Elisha as their next king at sunrise.

A new scene transports the audience to Ail Alainn, the Garlach woods, where Selah, their chieftess is burdened by her people who are dying off quickly. And A Garlach soldier informs her that the king of Chrysaint is dead and a new king has already been appointed.

While Chieftess Selah plans an attack on Chrysaint, Petra, lobbies for Eden, Selah’s hand maiden to run away with him to marry in secret.

The Garlachs attack Chrysaint resulting in the kidnapping of Cagin. Elisha solemnly commissions D’arc to go, find, and bring back, Cagin, whom he alludes to as his “heart.”

Garlach John chases Cagin into the woods and tries to execute her, but Petra stops him upon the realization that “she bears an amulet” which serves to identify her as having Garlach blood, in which fellow Garlachs are not permitted to shed. Petra decides to take her as a slave.

When D’arc appears to rescue Cagin, he points out she is to be married to Elisha, yet she selfishly wears D’arc’s amulet. Cagin offers Petra a new life in Chrysaint.

Meanwhile, Elisha struggles with his role as a leader. Gabriel informs him that the only way for him to do that is to leave his old self behind. The next day Elisha dons both the heart and the clothes of a Christian king. All the while, Chrysaintian soldiers discover Eden has crossed into the Chrysaintian border.

As Petra, Cagin, and D’arc approach Chrysaint, Cagin can no longer keep her feelings of bitterness from his rejection and the grief of his absence.  She blatantly confronts him, demanding an explanation. He merely replies that his heart aches too.

The three arrive in Chrysaint. Cagin and Elisha are reunited and Petra and Eden are married.

As D’arc returns to his exile, he finds John dying. In his last breath he unveils that Selah still plans to kill Cagin. D’arc captures Selah and takes her to Elisha.

Elisha speaks with Selah alone, hoping to reach a peaceful compromise. She reveals his quest for peace is futile, and that his engagement to Cagin is not valid.  Although caught off guard by the news of his beloved, Elisha is still able to tame Selah, discovering Hadyn, her own husband’s maltreatment of her.  Elisha resolves to hide his people in a safe place not far from the village as he contends with Haydn alone.

Elisha orders D’arc to take Cagin away to a safe place. There Cagin asks once more why he did not love her. D’arc admits his love for Cagin, but refuses to act on it. He finally releases Cagin from the strings that have bound their hearts together, hands Cagin her sword and urges her to go.

When Cagin arrives back to the Chrysaintian village, she finds that Elisha has defeated Haydn and reassures Elisha of her love for him by acknowledging Elisha as her husband.

Time passes and D’arc is seen still wondering alone in the woods. He stumbles upon one of Cagin’s old bracelets, picks it up, and slips it on his wrists, then disappears into the woods.

“If you ever find yourself in danger, if you ever find yourself a fallen queen, you’ll come here.” –D’arc.